Medieval Book Set: Traveler-Portrait

Medieval Book Set: Traveler-Portrait
The Medieval Open-Back TRAVELER-PORTRAIT Size Book Set makes one 84-page hardcover
book...working with the tools & techniques used by PP-Press for its museum store
LE collection.

- 1 Set: 21-Premium Acid-Free Writing Papers
- 1 Set: Premium Acid-Free Endpapers (2 Flyleaves, 2 Paste-Downs)
- 1 Set Drilled Acid-Free Davey Bookboards
- 1 Set Irish Waxed Linen Thread: 2-Yards Ea.

—See THE BOOK-OF-AGES™ 'Bookbinding Kit' for other items needed to construct your book.

For One Hardcover Book: Size: 5-1/2"H x 4-1/2"W
- TRAVELER-Portrait:
— Page Size: 5-1/4"H x 4-1/8"W
— Paper Size: 5-1/4"H x 8-1/4"W

Book Set components listed below are made in USA, with the exception of
the Irish Waxed Linen Threads.

------All Papers Are Shipped Flat------

Printed Papers are available.

Available Options:

C2. Color: Waxed Linen Thread:

Endpaper Set Color:

Writing Paper Sets: Text Weight: